Kentucky Whitewater Frequently Asked Questions.
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Directions We offer different experiences at different destinations. You will find the meeting location in your reservation confirmation emailed to you when you book online or over the phone.

What's included with my rafting confirmation? Our trips include guide, boat, paddle, helmet, life jacket and transportation to and from the river. Avoid bringing anything with you on the trip unless necessary such as medicine i.e. diabetic supplies etc. If you need medical accommodation please contact us for details.

What should I wear? Summer and late spring water and weather temps typically allow any combination of clothing that makes you comfortable. Wet suit rentals for cold weather are available when you reserve your trip in our online booking system in all sizes. Otherwise In spring and fall, a polypropylene layer close to your body and a windbreaker over that layer should keep you comfortable. Avoid wearing cotton on the river if possible it takes warmth away from your body as well as it makes you less buoyant. As with any outdoor activity its better to have layers to remove than not to have them. Flexible, secure footwear is important. Tennis shoes/sneakers are what works well for most people. Flip flops are horrible footwear for whitewater. Wool or Polartec socks under sneakers or neoprene wetsuit booties work great for colder days.

When should I reserve? Can I add to my group? How many people can go in one raft? Once you know your date Reserve here, and you can add folks up to the night prior to your trip. We typically place up to 6 people in a single raft. We have single and double inflatable kayaks. What are your reservation and cancellation policies? When a reservation is made we immediately begin working for you. Due to non-recoverable pre-trip operating expenses being committed to by us immediately after your reservation it is our policy to require a 50% non-refundable deposit as part of your payment. We realize that sometimes life just happens so we will work with you as best as possible to reschedule during the same season. However, parties that are last minute cancellations, no-shows or are late beyond a reasonable time frame established by Kentucky Whitewater for each trip could completely forfeit their entire payment or deposit and will receive refunds or reschedules solely at Kentucky Whitewater's discretion.We reserve the right to cancel anyone's trip that arrives intoxicated or obviously under the influence without refunding their payment or deposit. While we rarely cancel a trip due to inclement weather we reserve the right to change trip format, river section(s), raft size, number of guests per raft, trip times, and the length of trip due to weather conditions, water levels or other factors beyond our control. If we cancel a trip completely, we will refund your payment or reschedule to another scheduled trip.

Can i bring my own life jacket? We provide US Coast Guard-approved life jackets for whitewater and cannot use jackets designed for other use. Leave your jacket at home please.

Who can do whitewater? Just about everyone, ages 6 and older and 50 lbs. and heavier. No experience is necessary. While strong swimming skills are not necessary the ability to remain calm in moving water is. We expect you to protect yourself from problems by reporting prior medical conditions/accommodations to us ahead of time.

Is rafting safe? Whitewater rafting an adventure sport and while typically is very safe it inherently presents a higher level of risk due to its water based nature. We try to minimize risk by balancing safety with adventure and fun. Our staff has been trained and certified in many areas including CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Swiftwater rescue. Safety procedures are explained prior to and during your trip and it is every guests responsibility to adhere to these procedures. We reserve the right to cancel anyone's trip that arrives intoxicated or obviously under the influence without refunding their payment or deposit.

Can you accommodate my special situation? When you make your reservation, please inform us of any medical condition, disability, or allergy that may require special attention or treatment. Obtain your physician's approval in writing to raft if you have one or more serious health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, pregnancy, epilepsy, heart condition, bee sting allergy, etc. Sometimes stuff just happens so protect yourself by letting us know.

What do rapid classifications mean? Rapids and rivers are subjectively rated Class I through Class VI in the International Scale of River Difficulty. The ratings depend on, the volume of water in the river, the gradient dropping per mile, and obstacles/hazards to avoid. Generally the rivers we run are Class III - Intermediate difficulty.

What are the boats like?While our self-bailing rafts are inflatable, they are quite rigid vessels that hold up to 6 guests. Our solo and double person inflatable kayaks (aka ducky) is a cross between a raft and a kayak and performs quite like a sit-on-top kayak and is propelled using a double-bladed kayak paddle. Guests paddle and navigate themselves through gentle to moderate white water. The kayaking experience is more interactive than rafting and allows for a one-on-one experience with the river.