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Russell Fork River inflatable kayaking near Breaks Interstate Park - Class III
Inflatable kayaking on the Russell Fork is an exciting adventure for ages 10 and above. Otherwise its great adventure for anyone else able to take on a 3 mile, 3 hour whitewater kayaking excursion. We provide all equipment, a guide and transportation back to your car. Taking in the beauty of Appalachia and its amazing surrounding scenery is involuntary on this fun whitewater kayak trip. Beginning at historic Potters Ford where some of the first pioneers settled "west" into Appalachian Mountians, this beginner whitewater trip takes you through Ratliff Hole/pool Point and then the exciting rapids like Meatgrinder and Pinball while enjoying the beauty of Pine Mountain. Trips for kids younger than 10 years or are available upon request.
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*** Please note we offer great Upper and Lower Russell Fork rafting trips but do not offer the RF Gorge section.

Your payment secures and confirms your spots in our pre-planning and on our trips. We start work immediately upon your request. Due to pre-trip operating expenses being committed by and non-recoverable for Kentucky Whitewater long before your trip date it is our policy to require a 50% non-refundable deposit via credit card or PayPal. We realize that sometimes life just happens so we will work with you as best as possible to reschedule during the same season. However, parties that are last minute cancellations, no-shows or are late beyond a reasonable time frame established by Kentucky Whitewater for each trip could completely forfeit their entire payment or deposit and will receive refunds or reschedules solely at Kentucky Whitewater's discretion.
2018 October Flanagan Dam Releases: October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28
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